Welcome, campers! This page and included supplemental resources are designed to help you prepare for the summer, and make the camping experience the most rewarding for both you and your Scout. We have very high expectations of our camp, our staff, and our program, and we can assure you that we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations of us.


There are many resources available to you to help prepare for summer camp. The most important of these resources is your Scout's unit leadership. Make sure to communicate with your unit’s leaders to ask questions and understand what to expect within the context of your unit’s operations. The next best resources are the guides published and posted on this website. This page includes the basics that every camper should know. For more detailed information about Webelos Resident Camp at Camp Freeland Leslie, please read the found on our Guides and Forms page.


A detailed packing list is included in the Parent and Leader Guide and can be found here. Discuss this list with your unit’s leaders. Not all items on the list are required, and experienced leaders and campers will know how to help make sure that your son brings the proper gear. Pack all of your items in one easy to carry suitcase or backpack. Make sure that your items are labeled with your name, pack number, and campsite.


Every youth and adult attending camp MUST turn in a Medical Form upon check in at the pavilion. Our camp is required by Wisconsin state law to retain medical records of all participants for two years. Please turn in a copy and keep the original for your personal records. Please provide all information requested on the medical form. A photocopy of both sides of your insurance card MUST be attached to the medical form. Everyone MUST have a medical form to attend. Please use the most current version of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (form # 680-001, 2014 Printing). A link to this form is found on our website at Please note that while the physical examination portion (Part C) is not mandatory, it is highly recommended, because this resident camp is three days long and involves aquatics and other strenuous activities.


Any individual attending camp (youth or adult), who has brought a medication of any kind onto camp property should have it with them during check-in. Please keep the medications in their original containers and have them clearly marked with who they are for. Adult leaders may retain their medications with full responsibility or may elect to store their medications with the Health Officer in the Health Lodge at the Wheeler Building.


The Health Lodge is located in the Wheeler Office Building. A qualified Health Officer is on duty at all times, 24 hours per day. Any health concerns or illnesses can be handled at the Health Lodge. Routine medical needs, including the dispensing of prescription medications and daily medical care are provided during the day. If necessary, a staff member and unit leader will accompany patients to a nearby medical facility. Should a Scout or leader require hospitalization, the Camp Director will notify his parents or family. Upon check-in, please notify the Health Officer of any medical conditions or medications being taken by youth and adults.


Any mail sent to campers will be distributed during meal times. Please address mail as follows so that we can ensure delivery:

        105 FAWN DRIVE
        OXFORD, WI 53952

You can also send your Scout an email during his stay at Camp Freeland Leslie. To email a camper, click on “Send Your Scout an Email” in the CFL Contacts list on the Contacts page. We will deliver the email to your son at the next meal. To ensure delivery, include your Scout’s name, pack number, and campsite in the subject line or body of the message.


There is one phone for incoming calls at camp. If you make an emergency phone call to camp, we will take a message, pass on the message to the recipient camper, and then they can return the call. The camp Emergency Phone Number is 608-586-4312. The Camp Fax Number is 608-586-4762.


Traveling to CFL is an easy drive from just about anywhere in the Chicagoland area. If you know someone else who is going to camp, we highly recommend that you carpool. The trip typically takes around 3-4 hours. Plan accordingly. (Helpful hint: Portage, Wisconsin is a great place to stop for lunch. It is about a half hour from camp.) Directions with maps can be found at the end of this guide or on our website.

                                                CFL Street Address                                          GPS Coordinates (CFL Main Entrance)

                                                105 Fawn Drive                                                 43.810306 N

                                                Oxford, WI 53952                                              89.599083 W


Plan to arrive between 12:30 and 2:30 PM on your first day. Please do not arrive before 12:30 PM, because the staff will not be available to assist you with check-in. Arriving later than 2:30 PM will not allow ample time for check-in, swim checks, and campsite setup.

Enter camp through the main gate (unless directed otherwise) at the north entrance on Fawn Drive. You will pass the Camp Ranger’s house and continue to the parking lot. Park your vehicle in the lot and unload your camping gear. In the parking lot, staff members will be available to begin your check-in process. At a table in the lot, each camper will be given a wristband with their campsite name. Place your gear near the sign that says your campsite name. Staff members on the ranger staff will transport your gear from the parking lot to your campsite for you. Personal vehicles are not allowed in camp. Any equipment trailers will be towed from the parking lot to your campsite by the ranger staff.


After getting a wristband and placing your gear to be moved into camp, staff will direct you down a marked path to complete check-in at the pavilion. At the pavilion, all campers will be given a quick verbal medical recheck and then be assigned a Staff Campsite Host. Your staff member will then take you to your campsite where you can begin to set up for your stay at camp. There will also be a staff member in your campsite to assist you.


Pre-camp swim checks can be attended in order to ease the strain on your unit and make for a smooth arrival and a speedy check-in. The Three Fires Council will be hosting several pre-camp swim checks in several locations. Sign up your pack by contacting the Three Fires Council Aquatics Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information about pre-camp swim checks can be found online at in Spring 2019.

All participants, youth and adult, who DID NOT COMPLETE A PRE-CAMP SWIM TEST and wish to participate in waterfront activities while at camp, must take a swim test upon arrival at camp. Once you have gotten to your campsite please change into your swim suits and your campsite host will take you to the waterfront. You may resume your campsite setup after completion of your swim check. Participants who DID COMPLETE A PRE-CAMP SWIM TEST will be directed to the flag grounds to receive a quick waterfront orientation and to confirm their swim test qualification.


Webelos Resident Camp is designed for a Scout and his Dad, Mom, or both to participate. Keep in mind that there will be many other Scouts with their parents in camp, and you will be sharing your campsite with other Webelos and their parents. If you are part of a group, please designate one adult as the acting cub master. This leader will serve as the liaison between the group and the camp staff. Youth Protection Guidelines will be followed at camp. If you have any questions about youth protection policies, please ask when you arrive.


All camp meals are prepared by our staff and served in the Dining Pavilion. A meal menu can be found at the end of this guide. Scouts will have an opportunity to cook one meal in their campsite. Staff members will help facilitate the preparation so that your Scouts have a great hands-on cooking experience. This special meal will be an educational experience that will partially fulfil requirements for the Cast Iron Chef Adventure Pin.


Our camp Trading Post is open daily and sells a variety of products including:

Refreshments                                                                            CFL Apparel

CFL Souvenirs                                                                             Scout Supplies

Camping Equipment                                                                CFL Nalgene Bottles

Model Rockets                                                                           Pocket Knives

Camp T-Shirt

At camp, each youth Scout will receive a FREE camp t-shirt! When registering for camp, please select the correct t-shirt size for your Scout. This will be a part of the online registration process. Please think ahead as your Scouts are sure to grow, and when in doubt, go a size up! Adults can also pre-order their own camp t-shirt online for an additional fee. Additional varieties of T-shirts will be on sale at the camp Trading Post in both youth and adult sizes.