Welcome, parents! This page and included supplemental resources are designed to help you prepare for the summer, and make the camping experience the most rewarding for both you and your Scout. We have very high expectations of our camp, our staff, and our program, and we can assure you that we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations of us.

Welcome to Camp Freeland Leslie RESOURCES

There are many resources available to you to help prepare for summer camp. The most important of these resources is your Scout's unit leadership. Make sure to communicate with your unit’s leaders to ask questions and understand what to expect within the context of your unit’s operations. The next best resources are the guides published and posted on this website. This page includes the basics that every camper should know. For more detailed information about Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Freeland Leslie, please read the Parent Guide, Leader Guide, and Program Guide found on our Guides and Forms page.


The weeklong Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Freeland Leslie in Oxford, Wisconsin is unique among camps in the Midwest because it operates as a patrol method camp. This means daily activities are structured to encourage leadership and teamwork amongst small groups of Scouts called patrols. We are dedicated to this method because it heightens the individual camper’s experience which includes personal growth while working as a team, providing his own daily needs, and being challenged and encouraged to reach his fullest potential. Our highly trained staff acts to bring this goal into reality.

While at camp, Scouts stay in a campsite with their home unit. This site acts as a base, where they not only sleep but work together to carry out daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Scouts are responsible for keeping their eating area and gear clean and for keeping their personal quarters in order.

During the day, Scouts are offered a selection of activities and advancement opportunities. The camp is divided into several different program areas based on themes. Staff members work with the Scouts to help them earn merit badges and other awards, work towards rank advancement, and explore other opportunities such as orienteering, archery, small-boat sailing, and environmental science. Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, said, “Scouting is a game with a purpose,” and at CFL, we make sure every program we offer is exciting, challenging, fun, and educational.

Camp facilities are high quality, constantly improving, and fit to meet the needs of every camper that comes to join the fun. Highlights include two shower houses, a medical lodge with a qualified Health Officer on duty at all times, a well-stocked trading post, a state of the art shooting sports range, and pristine lake with an observing deck and fishing dock. Find out more about our camp and programs on the Programs section of this website or taking a look at the Boy Scout Summer Camp Program Guide.


6:15 Wake Up and Begin Cooking
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Merit Badges and Open Program Activities
12:00 Lunch and Rest Hour
2:00 Merit Badges and Open Program Activities
4:30 Program Areas Close
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Evening Activities and Open Program Activities
9:00 Program Areas Close
9:30 Special Evening/Overnight Programs
10:30 Lights Out


Your unit’s adult leaders are your primary contacts to determine the fees for attending camp. Contact your unit to ask about payment options and procedures.


A detailed packing list is included in the Leader Guide and can be found here. Discuss this list with your unit’s leaders. Not all items on the list are required, and experienced leaders and campers will know how to help make sure that your son brings the proper gear. In general, your Scout will need the same equipment as for a typical weekend campout, but with some extra clothing to last the entire week.


A 2014 version BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (form # 680-001) is required for each youth and adult participant. Part C requires a medical examination having been completed within the past 12 months by a licensed medical physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant. Upon arrival at camp, a copy of a current medical form for each youth and adult must be turned in to the medical staff. An attached photocopy of the camper’s insurance card must also be provided as directed by Part A. In accordance with state law, medical forms cannot be returned, as they must remain on file for two years. Due to federal regulations (HIPAA), copies of these health forms should not be faxed to CFL. Original copies should also be kept by the troop or parents.


All medications brought to camp MUST be kept in the original container and the unit leader must be informed. While your Scout is at camp, medications will be kept in a secured container provided by CFL and dispensed by a troop leader approved by the camp health officer. Exceptions to this policy include emergency allergy kits and inhalers, which Scouts may carry with them.


The Health Lodge is located in the Wheeler Office Building. A qualified Health Officer is on duty 24 hours a day. While camp is in session routine medical needs, and daily medical care are provided during the day. If necessary, a staff member or unit leader will accompany patients to a nearby medical facility. Should a Scout or leader require hospitalization, the Camp Director will notify his parents or family. Upon check-in, please notify the Health Officer of any medical conditions or medications being taken by youth and adults.


Any mail sent to campers will be distributed during meal times. Please address mail as follows so that we can ensure delivery:

        105 FAWN DRIVE
        OXFORD, WI 53952

You can also send your Scout an email during his stay at Camp Freeland Leslie. To email a camper, click on “Send Your Scout an Email” in the CFL Contacts list on the Contacts page. We will deliver the email to your son's campsite at the next meal. To ensure delivery, include your Scout’s name, troop number, and campsite in the subject line or body of the message.

There is one phone for incoming calls at camp. If you make an emergency phone call to camp, we will take a message, pass on the message to the recipient camper, and then they can return the call. The camp Emergency Phone Number is 608-586-4312. The Camp Fax Number is 608-586-4762.


Family and visitors are absolutely welcome to join their Scouts at camp! Many parents come to camp on Friday night for the weekly “pig roast” and camp wide event, and then drive home with their sons on Saturday. This is the ideal time to visit. Upon arriving at camp, check in and get a wristband in the camp office located at the Wheeler Building. If you plan to stay overnight, please inform us when checking-in to camp. Visitors, unless youth protection trained, can only camp in the Family Camping Area. Remember to bring a tent! We hope to see you this summer!