The Three Fires Council and Freeland Leslie Scout Reservation has a long history of supporting our LDS Wards and Stakes. We have been honored to host multiple LDS Encampments for Wisconsin and Northern Illinois in addition to offering a regular LDS week of summer camp on non-encampment years. We believe in supporting the mission of the LDS Church and our strong tie to Scouting.


Our Encampment Committee goals are to provide our young men and their leaders an opportunity to build faith, nurture relationships, achieve Scouting goals, have fun, and strengthen their desire and ability to perform priesthood duties. The outdoor program is one of the predominant features about Scouting that appeals to Scouts, and a week at summer camp is one of the top experiences. Memories and experiences from summer camp last a lifetime. The Three Fires Council has another exciting summer awaiting Scouts at Camp Freeland Leslie, and our mission is to provide every camper with a customer service driven, high quality program. You can't take the "outing" out of Scouting!


Nationally Accredited BSA Camp

The weeklong Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Freeland Leslie in Oxford, Wisconsin is unique among camps in the Midwest because it operates as a patrol method camp. This means daily activities are structured to encourage leadership and teamwork amongst small groups of Scouts called patrols. We are dedicated to this method because it heightens the individual camper’s experience which includes personal growth while working as a team, providing his own daily needs, and being challenged and encouraged to reach his fullest potential. Our highly trained staff acts to bring this goal into reality.

While at camp, Scouts stay in a campsite with their home unit. This site acts as a base, where they not only sleep but work together to carry out daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Scouts are responsible for keeping their eating area and gear clean and for keeping their personal quarters in order.

During the day, Scouts are offered a selection of activities and advancement opportunities. Staff members work with the Scouts to help them earn merit badges and other awards, work towards rank advancement, and explore opportunities such as orienteering, archery, small-boat sailing, and environmental science. Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, said, “Scouting is a game with a purpose,” and at CFL, we make sure every program we offer is exciting, challenging, fun, and educational.

Camp facilities are high quality, constantly improving, and fit to meet the needs of every camper that comes to join the fun. Highlights include two shower houses, a medical lodge with a qualified Health Officer on duty at all times, a well-stocked trading post, a state of the art shooting sports range, and pristine lake with an observing deck and fishing dock.


Past encampment registrations can be found here.  For encampment information prior to 2016 please contact the Three Fires Council Service Center at 630-584-9250